The One Resolution To Make In 2021

January 1, 2021 0 Comments

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.”

Mike Dooley

A brand new 2021 is upon us, and just when we think that the year-end holiday is over – we need to get back to the mad rush called work that keeps us running around in circles, endless office video calls, emails and pesky colleagues  – we find ourselves thinking about new year resolutions and what a task that is because the easy part is making them, yet keeping them can bring an entirely new set of stressors. On days I’m unable to eat healthy, wake early or do my daily yoga – I’m going to be kicking myself. That’s not how you want to start your best year yet!

How to make new year resolutions you can keep?

Before 2021 starts, I want to empower myself by replacing the restrictive and sometimes unrealistic expectations I impose on myself, which leaves me drained with a feeling of self-loathing when I fail to accomplish them.

So, what if there were only one resolution to make, which would encompass all that I wish to attain?

The 1 Thing to Have on Your New Year’s Resolutions List

‘The purpose of life is to be happy.’ – Dalai Lama 

Happiness. That beautiful word is one that in and of itself will allow you to align your thoughts with your actions effortlessly. This is a state of mind.  The key lies in embracing the present moment to its fullest and surrendering negative thoughts. When we put expectations on external things to make us happy, we are actually postponing our happiness which then leads to disappointment if what we believe will make us happy turns out not to do so. Remember that everything you need, you already have, even in spite of the twists and turns and mood changes that inevitably all of us experience at some point. 

This year, I want to set myself free from all that I have chosen to worry about, including those limiting beliefs that set me up for failure.

Outer circumstances come and go.  It is for me to decide to take them or leave them.  I can indeed be happy like a child whose innocence and knowledge of reality comes from complete surrender to the present moment. 

When we acknowledge life events and focus on our inner strengths, we can finally pull away from the illusion that things, people or places are what makes us feel either good or bad. How liberating it is to know that this is something that you actually can control!

Celebrate the start of a new year and embrace it, knowing that when you surrender you are actually creating the life of your dreams – which in turn will become your new reality!

Happy 2021 everyone!