The Beauty Of Benches

May 10, 2019 0 Comments

Park benches? What? Well, I was on vacation in Singapore and benches have been coming in pretty handy what with all the foot tours. I fully expected my feet, back, calves and knees to hurt the entire time I was there. And, a new camera (quite heavy) hanging around my neck that was begging to take pictures of an amazing country meant my shoulders ached too. 

Taking short breaks on Park benches during my 240 or more-minute city walks were a great way to rest, hydrate and enjoy a scoop of ice cream in the sweltering heat of Singapore. It was also a great time to reflect on what we had seen, noticed, appreciated, liked, not liked. My husband and I also loved to just sit down and watch people pass by. I used this time to refer to my maps and guides and online reviews while sipping on something cool. We returned phone calls too. And there were lots of benches everywhere we went in Singapore. Bangalore has trees, Singapore has benches I guess. 

Here above are some really cool benches around the National Museum Of Singapore that were such a joy to look while I was out and about exploring contemporary art in Singapore. 

Next time you spot a bench. Sit. Enjoy a short break!