Slaying The Demons Within And Outside – Happy Vijayadashami

October 5, 2022 0 Comments

Dussehra, traditionally, is the celebration of the victory of good over evil. But what is good or evil? When we say creation is the balance of equal forces, evil becomes a necessary part of creation. The existence of Rama is only relevant till Ravana is there. As part of creation, it is up to us which forces we join forces with.

The Ram-Ravan conquest is an eternal war, if you choose positivity, evolution, service and the righteous way of life, Dussehra is a day that marks your overcoming so many facets of evil, including maya or illusion, which dominate us. The nine days of navratras are the days when the energies of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are most accessible to us. Shaktis or energy centres are instrumental in opening the three knots – rudra granthi, vishnu granthi and brahma granthi — corresponding to the upper, middle and lower regions of the body respectively, to aid us in our purpose by helping us overcome basic sensual desires and pleasures.

Ravana Rears His Ten Ugly Heads : The 10 ugly heads of Ravana symbolise our inner vices from Anger, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Laziness, Jealousy, Selfishness, Cruelty, Ego, Injustice. This Dussehra, may your inner light shine so bright that it burns away all the negativity inside & around you. 

This opens the doors to the inner world and enables us to realise the divinity within. The tenth or the final day, Dussehra, marks the ultimate triumph, and hence it is called Vijayadashmi. The universe exists inside us, and the outside is only its reflection. So we need to go inwards if we choose to fathom it. Or else, the reflection would fool us into wasting our life Therefore, Dussehra is the culmination of our 9-day spiritual practice to invoke these energies to aid creation and in the process, realise the divinity within us to help slay our demons both within and outside.

SOURCE : SpeakingtreeĀ