Invitation To My Book Launch

September 20, 2018 0 Comments

Art In Transit will be publishing and launching my zine ‘Who Is Bangalore?’ – An Illustrated Guide To Food Memories From My Hometown, as part of an Anthology that includes the work of 4 other chosen artists.

The book/Anthology will be released simultaneously in Bangalore and San Franciscio as part of the Festival Of Stories – 8 Questions to the cities – Sister Cities : on 22nd and 23rd September 2018 at an all-day experience event at Cubbon Metro Station.

Festival Of Stories

The anthology will feature city based stories that give us an insight about the nature of the cities and captures the essence of both places.
Did you know Bangalore and San Francisco are sister cities? If cities are made of stories and stories need a listener – then this anthology is an attempt for both cities to listen and reveal. Our cities are alive – they breathe, feed, excrete, see, smell, hear and witness. Caught between memories of its infancy and chants for its evolution – Bangalore and San Francisco break their silence and speak. What is Bangalore about Bangalore? How does San Francisco identify itself? What is unique about the forms of life that these distinct urban identities create? And what happens when the cities speak in their own language and dance to their own songs, with only each other as witness?

I will also be pitching an idea for Festival Of Propositions on 22nd. Exciting!

Festival Of Propositions

Art In Transit is a public art project, an initiative of Srishti Institute Of Art, Design and Technology.

Art-making in progress at Cubbon Metro Station

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