Igloopupa For Eco-Conscious Travellers

September 26, 2018 0 Comments

I participated in this video made by my friend Aparna Vinod. She and I are in the same cohort of the 100 women entrepreneurs chosen by IIMB this year. As my child-focused start-up Laboratory of Creativity (LoC) takes baby-steps, this is my way of supporting my women entrepreneur friends by being a part of their journey in some way and sharing some of our daily ups and downs that are part of this amazing experience. Aparna’s carefully curated eco-conscious travel solution, Igloopupa comes from years of research, experience and truly reflects her passion for the environment. It is World’s First Web Platform where Eco-conscious travellers can make reservations at eco-friendly vacation rentals located across the globe.
Do check www.igloopupa.com

This is a synopsis by Aparna of my video for Igloopupa: Sapna Dube is an artist who is passionate about exploring various possibilities to apply her skills for the betterment of the society at large. She has organised several Art events in Bangalore & has thereby gained her audience who have readily joined hands with her to support many social causes. Are you keen to follow her work? Visit http://laboratoryofcreativity.com & see her work on https://sapnadube.com
Team Igloopupa wishes Sapna all the very best and we thank her for joining our journey to appreciate Eco-friendly Travellers…

You can watch it here: