Happy Mother’s Day

May 12, 2019 0 Comments

I miss my mom. She passed away in 2011. I miss her most when I feel great joy or I’m in great pain. But she lives on – in my memories and not a day goes by without her thoughts.

“You are the most beautiful person I ever met. I really miss your wicked sense of humor. Throughout life you kept telling me to never give up. To always, always move forward. I thank you for never laying down rules and for just letting me be me. You encouraged me to be creative, to explore and to excel. And I just want to say, I love you, mummy. Thank you for teaching me to fly. All I am I owe to you.”

Turns out I have been writing forever. Guess what I just found? An old college magazine with my published essay titled ‘Mothers’. Selected from among hundreds of submissions. I remember my mom feeling so proud, happy and tearful when she read it back then. I was a handful as a teenager and with all the limited communication between us, I guess it was just my way of telling her how much I know and appreciate everything she did for me. God I miss her!!

Mama’s Girl Forever

I miss my mom. But since yours is around, please take her out, make her feel special, tell her how much you love her. And, happy mother’s day.