Happy Karva Chauth

October 27, 2018 0 Comments

It’s Karva Chauth today and I’ve got Mehndi on my palms this year and have been on an all-day fast. No water even! And going to break the fast at moonrise which is expected at 8:17 pm in Bangalore today. Phew! That’s a good 24-hour fast. The things people do for love!

The Henna Hands

Apart from hugely impressing and worrying my husband in equal measure, its been a BIG lesson in self-restraint in how not to eat while making some very delicious things to eat for the family all day. And today, I realised how many times I mindlessly open the snack compartment and munch. Ofcourse, I’ll get to eat all the goodies I made later tonight. So till then…I got to hold on to this hunger.

Cooking without Eating

Wish everyone a happy Karva Chauth and a lifetime of love and togetherness.
Finally – My dinner after spotting moon around 8:50 pm