Happy Holi 2022

March 18, 2022 0 Comments

Hindu festivals are communal celebrations through which an aspect of the universal truth is brought to life. Holi is played with everyone, regardless of any status, hierarchy in social or professional standing or gender. The colors equalize all. No one is higher or lower.

One/Colours/Water/Gujiya/Happy Holi

Holi signifies boundless happiness. Holi reminds us of the inner bliss and oneness that are our inherent nature and are the very essence of life. When everyone’s bodies and faces are smeared with colours, all external differences disappear; everyone looks the same. True happiness and love arise only when all the boundaries created by the mind vanish.

Let The Colours Bleed

In today’s world, where human beings are besieged by a pandemic, problems, threats, war and conflict, celebrations such as Holi bring the much-needed message of equality, unity, unconditional love, happiness, compassion, universal friendship and enthusiasm.

This Holi, let’s look beyond the barriers of races, ethnicities, ages, colours, religions, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, languages, nationalities and realise that we’re all human. We’re here in this world together. Let’s live.

Happy Holi 2022

Here’s wishing you a day filled with colour and mirth, a day to forgive and forget, to repair broken relationships and forge new ones and celebrate our diversity because no matter what the colour of our skin, we all bleed red.