Creating Art That Pulls Us Closer

February 11, 2018 0 Comments

If you are like me, then you probably hate the ‘do not touch’, ‘no photography allowed’, ‘do not sit here’ signs as much as I do.

I like to actively engage with my surroundings, be it while traveling or viewing art. And, that’s why I’m so in love with public art. So, when Virtuous Retail commissioned me this year to create a work of interactive art as part of their annual public art festival, Whitefield Art Collective, I not only felt flattered but was over the moon.

As an artist, I’ve always felt it’s important to me that my art is not only exhibited in the context of the art world, but is also seen and experienced by people who didn’t grow up attending art gallery opening nights and find museums intimidating, rather than inspiring. In that sense, VR Bengaluru serves as as a perfect venue – it’s a diverse, cosmopolitan melting pot of audiences any artist would love engaging with.

My artistic concept – ‘We Are All Connected By Love’ is meant as a playful public work of art that inspires viewers to channel their positive vibes and hit the ‘Like’ button or paint it rather. The concept was inspired by the idea that in ancient Hindu Yogic tradition, the heart (Anahata Chakra) was believed to be the seat of love, compassion and beauty.

The installation requires spirited and carefree participation to bring it to life. I see this artistic piece as a way to unite people of different backgrounds, encouraging interaction and engagement. Not only do I hope this piece to put people in dialogue with one another, but provoke a discourse about public space.

I want to see somber-looking shoppers and passers-by suddenly break out in smiles, start painting and posing with each other – even sitting on a nearby bench together, look up, walk closer and start taking photos in a very public place.

‘We Are All Connected By Love’ Interactive Art Installation by Sapna Dube

Moving from me to we-centric art, my aim is to literally move people to interact, sometimes even with strangers. Some will be emotionally moved, some will not get it, others won’t care. Some will get excited and show others what they learned. How people interact with my work will change over the course of its presentation.

This work is conceived for Whitefield Art Collective 2018 and is meant to create a spirit of “love, community and contemplation,” a theme that is synomous with Whitefield Art Collective’s goal of ‘Connecting Communities Through Art’ every year.

‘We Are All Connected By Love’ invites all attendees to draw, dream, and alter their surroundings. Come, together lets transform spaces and places into meaningful interactive experiences with art.

The Interactive Art Installation is on display at the main entrance of VR Bengaluru, Whitefield. To participate, please make note of the dates/timings:
13 Feb, 2018 : 4pm to 6pm
14 Feb, 2018 : 2pm to 7pm
15 Feb, 2018 : 4pm to 6pm


Update : It was an absolutely wonderful experience to create this installation with so many people. Thank you for the opportunity VR! Please see this link for the pictures :
Here’s the video: