World Chocolate Day Edible Art Installation

Title –  Code Chocolate (2018)

Edible Art Installation 

Size: 25 H x 25 W in

Medium : Chocolate Squares   

Material : Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate

Style : Pop Art

My interest in chocolate lies in the memories associated with it. A gift from an uncle, a special treat from mom, a prize for a school test done well, a cheer me up bar from a friend, a box of assorted chocolates from my Valentine, a travel souvenir and the list goes on. I have always loved the taste and smell of chocolate and it’s a sweet treat I look forward to after a meal. I’m greatly fascinated by the properties of chocolate. It is not only its facility to melt and transform shape that interested me but also the fact that it is precious edible material. I like ephemeral things that are here one moment and gone the next. In that sense, I have tried to create a temporary art installation while working with a very ephemeral and alive material and tried to create something that will be enjoyed and gone in a moment.

Interactive Edible Art Installation :

In Code Chocolate, 625 tiles of chocolate are placed on a table in the form of a 25X25 matrix. A QR Code is slowly created by removing extra tiles as it keeps melting up sections of the chocolate tiles hour after hour. People are invited to participate in this reverse jigsaw puzzle game where they need to remove a minimum of ten corresponding tiles in 2 minutes. If all tiles removed are as per the QR Matrix, then they get to eat those chocolate tiles. 

Come To The Chocolate Fest At VR Bengaluru This Weekend

I look forward to seeing you at the Chocolate Fest in VR Bengaluru this weekend!