Why It’s Easy To Fall In Love With A Child

The thing about being an artist — and a creative professional who designs modules to teach and encourage creativity, stimulate imagination, relax, focus, foster independent thinking, build self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem and free play in children — is that I get to interact and fall in love with children that don’t in any way belong to me. A few days into my second outing at ‘Daily Art Fiesta’ – a 15-day summer creative lab for kids that I have designed on request by VR Bengaluru, I fell completely in love with a little girl who is not my daughter, niece or even a friend’s child. She has two amazing parents, a wonderful group of friends, — but she also has me, and I love this kid to absolute pieces. It is so easy to love a child who doesn’t even belong to you — especially because children love back so unconditionally in the first place. 

This little girl, she has a few splashes of me, parts of my personality that I really love about myself. Seeing her share some of my interests, say some of the funny things I say — even just laugh at my jokes because we totally get each other — is so amazing.

She makes me feel more maternal than any child free 30-something could ever relate to. In the way that any parent feels proud of their child, she makes me proud every single time I meet her — big things, little things, all of the things. She’s incredible, and she makes me happy to be a tiny part of her life as she grows into a young woman. 

She’s a very perceptive and affectionate little girl. She not only tells me she likes me, but that she likes me “a lot,” which melts my damn heart every single time. So yes, I am in love with a little girl that isn’t mine. This little girl is an extraordinary child who has touched my life so irrevocably — she’s my absolute favorite person in the whole world, and I love her with all my heart. 

Note: Daily Art Fiesta at VR Bengaluru is on till 16th May 2018. Pls don’t miss the special mother’s day Celebration and workshops tomorrow from 12pm to 8pm. More details here :