Why Attend Art Previews

To get anywhere in the arts you need a following: a crowd of people who support you and your work. These are the people who will eventually, if you are lucky, set you on a path to making a living from your creative talents.

Private previews have a dual benefit of being both highly sociable and incredibly important networking events for visual artists. 

First Love : With My Very First Patron, Berengere. Thank you!

It is so important for an artist to see art work in the real. Often I’ve only ever seen some of my favourite artists’ works on the internet, so it’s really important for me to start to get a sense of the physicality of the work – how it was actually made and how it has been displayed. It’s also a great way to get myself to start building the networks that will sustain me throughout my career. The artists become a tribe, we do things together.

Not every artist has been to art school and not everyone who goes to art school becomes an artist. Some become critics, curators, commissioners, art handlers, gallery workers, dealers, picture framers – all useful contacts for budding artists. So, if you are an artist, step out, rally for your artist friends, network with your community and don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with collectors. 

Note : Outside In Inside Out is a month-long exhibit of works from 15 contemporary artists including myself. The show is curated by Art Chutney at Taj West End’s Art Corridor and will be on view till July 29th 2018.