Walking Towards Myself

I don’t miss my phone on my daily walks because I found a better connection.

Everyday, morning and evening, rain or shine, I put my two dogs on a leash and the third dog in my purse and we take a 60-minute walk around our neighborhood. I don’t always have the energy and inclination, it’s sometimes painful, sometimes mellow, but it always cheers up my day. It’s when I think, ideate, make plans, when I admire flowers in my path, feel grateful, when I pause to look at a song bird , when I leave my phone at home, when I exercise my demons.

That last one might be the most important. My mum was a very disciplined and punctual person; it was a prerequisite for her life. She had a time for everything: for work, for cooking, for cleaning, for socializing, for watching tv, for being with herself, for sleeping. No matter what, she’d get up at five am every morning and go for a walk and then start her day. She’d say demons hate it when you are up and about, demons hate an airy, bright, clean house and demons don’t bother bright-eyed, active people.

These everyday walks have become so important to me. They have become so crucial to my outlook for the day, to my creativity and my outlook towards life itself. I never plan anything until I’ve finished my morning walk and I never go to bed without finishing my evening walk. I just wouldn’t miss my walks for anything in this world.