The Making Of ‘Messages From My Dad’

June 18, 2018 0 Comments

I watched Es Devlin, Stage Designer some time ago talk in one of the episodes of ‘Abstract – The Art Of Design’ – a Netflix docu series. 

Devlin said, “In the end everything is only going to exist in peoples memories.” 

This thought has stayed with me ever since and it has been my constant endeavour to create immersive, memorable experiences through art. And this Father’s Day, when VR Bengaluru commissioned me to create an interactive public art installation, I knew I wanted to share something very intimate. I also wanted the viewers to share in that intimacy. 

Having lost my dad suddenly in May 2017, the one way I’ve been able to cope with the loss is by regularly going through his old email messages to me. As I wistfully read each and every message I realised the common thread – he is deeply concerned about my well being. So are all dads. And thus,’Messages From My Dad’ was born. 

My Father’s Daughter

I wanted this installation to focus on how the viewer experiences the work and my only desire was to provide an intense, unforgettable experience. And it made me very happy to see how my installation made a multitude of people examine, interact, touch, write, feel, think, recall and express themselves. For the first time, viewers also made selfie requests and I felt like quite the celebrity, albeit temporary. 

I wanted to just say thank you to everyone that helped make the Father’s Day event at VR Bengaluru so memorable. Thanks to everyone that came out and made it so nice!  

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