The Big Day : Graduation Day at IIMB – WSP 2018

May 10, 2018 0 Comments

The Top 100 women including myself,  chosen from among 6000 applicants across India for the Women Startup Program 2018 by NSRCEL, Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) are graduating today. The program is supported by Department of Science and Technology – Government of India and Goldman Sachs.

Graduation Day at IIMB – WSP 2018

I am so grateful to be among this galaxy of great minds. This is definitely one of the major milestones of my life. Of course, this is a time to celebrate my accomplishments.

Women Startup Program IIMB – Class of 2018

However, it also means that this current chapter in my life is coming to a close, and it makes me kind of sad to say goodbye, not just to some wonderful people I became close to, the brilliant minds who delivered lectures, but also to the serene, green IIMB campus and meal and hangout routines I’d gotten used to.

WSP Class of 2018

My two favourite Snehas, Thakkar and Kalyanasundaram, Shilpa Chikkannavar, Swetha Sharma, Dr.Rajshree SN, Nidhi Agarwal, Anamika Pathak, Sonali Jha, Sophia Philips, Sudha KS – we are now friends forever. Prof Sunil Handa, Prof Sabarinathan, Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula, Prof Mukta Kulkarni, Prof K Kumar, Prof Bringi Dev – your wisdom will light my path ahead. 

Women Startup Program – Class of 2018

Today also serves as a reminder to prepare for whatever is coming next. This all-India class of 100 women entrepreneurs are now all set to go back home, apply the learning and hopefully become entrepreneurs who will truly kick ass. The heartening part about WSP 2018 graduation day is that all 100 ventures will be incubated for one year with expert mentoring and so much more, so it’s more of a see you around later than a goodbye, goodbye situation. 

I feel a whole gamut of emotions from excitement to fear, especially knowing 90% of new ventures fail. But I’m passionate and so energised about what I’ve set out to do – ‘connecting people through art’ and can’t thank NSRCEL, IIMB enough for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I want to chronicle my journey as an entrepreneur/artrepreneur in the hope that it will help more women take the courageous plunge into becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Thanks for reading.