Old Is Gold & All That Jazz

I love the aesthetics of old cars and their timelessness. So, what’s not to love about vintage car rallies. I went just to ogle. The cars were beautiful. People even dressed up in vintage clothes that fit the car’s original era. Amidst the chaos of current day life, the classic cars remind us to slow […]

I Did It : My First Art Stall Recap

With my very first art stall behind me, all I can keep saying to myself (and aloud to my husband) is: I did it! The Palm Meadows Residents Talent Nite on a gorgeous moonlit night overlooking palm tree-lined avenues was amazing! From the location to the organizer to my lovely neighbors to the drama-free-ness of […]

Palm Meadows Community

I’m Exhibiting Art At Talent Nite

‘Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already’. – Dave Willis I hate TV talent shows. I find them abhorrent. I hate parents who encourage their kids to get on these shows even more. And despise schools that double up as exam factories for the rat race. The idea of spending an hour […]