Invitation to ‘Elephant As God’ Exhibit

He’s known as Daisho Kangiten, the deity of joy in Japan. Maha Peinne or great bliss in Myanmar. His sculptures adorn Angkor Vat in Cambodia and he is an ambivalent, quasi-demonic figure in Tantric Buddhism. In India, Ganapati or Ganesha enjoys the unique disposition of being revered and kitsch at the same time—worshipped as the […]

An Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

One of my favorite parts of every Hindu festival is going shopping for flowers and fruits in a bustling market. And one of my favorite Hindu festivals is of course Gowri Ganesha Habba. For the past three years, we pre-ordered our Ganesh visarjan idol from the Eka store. They get these beautifully hand crafted, clay […]