Save The Date – Gallery Opening Night At Taj West End on June 29

June 6, 2018 0 Comments

Here’s requesting you to save the date –  for the opening night of ‘Out-Side In In-Side Out, a group art exhibit curated by Art Chutney at Art Corridor, Taj West End On Friday June 29 from 7:30 pm onwards. My work will be part of this month-long group show that runs till July 29 and it will be my first exhibition in Taj West End’s Art Corridor. I’m really really excited and looking forward to it. 

“Out-Side In…” presents a line-up of fifteen contemporary Indian artists including Lochan Upadhay, JMS Mani, Laxman Aelay and others who blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the gallery, making work inspired by the urban spaces that surround us, as well as artworks that inhabit those spaces, hiding in plain sight.

Outside the gallery, many of these artists including me engage in unsolicited collaborations with the public space of the ever-changing city. Much of the artwork on display at this show inserts itself into the urban landscape to contrast with what already exists or highlight what is commonly overlooked.

Come by and enjoy an evening of artful, serendipitous conversations with me and my clan. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Please don’t forget to RSVP Pavitra at +91 81233 37779 or e-mail