My First Giant Wall Mural

In February 2017, I was among 100 artists from across India invited to exhibit my paintings at Whitefield Art Collective, a month-long, annual public art festival held at VR Bengaluru. I was also commissioned to create this giant wall mural.

Title: Childhood (2017)
Acrylic and Acrylic Paint Markers on Wall

12ft x 15 ft

A child’s mind is free. He makes friends easily. The purpose of a child’s friend is simply to play. Childhood is but a flower, here today, gone tomorrow.

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The Process (Pic Credit : Michel Caprace)

I’m now obsessed with painting large. It gives me a HUGEE kick. Holing up in my studio doesn’t seem so enticing anymore. In fact, I think it’s rather depressing. What’s so great about wall murals and public art you ask?

The thought that I could influence someone’s mood and feelings by creating a large immovable work as part of their environment is super intriguing.

I saw groups of people clicking pictures in front of my mural even when it was far from finished. I also had a few people including an Ad film maker and a Store owner approach me with commission requests as I painted. The most happiest people though were the VR Bengaluru staff. Seeing the mural seemed to light up their faces. They all wanted to paint along with me and after 9 days of laborious work, all they wanted was for me to paint the entire stretch of the wall just so I could stay longer with them. That was my biggest reward indeed.

Tell me what you think about the mural!

10 thoughts on “My First Giant Wall Mural

  1. Your style is unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from.

    Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this blog.

  2. That’s very sweet of you for saying that! Thank you so much Mr.Saha! Pls feel free to come home!

  3. I checked the art work of your lovely remembrance of your sweet childhood, really good.
    Congratulations and keep it up!
    Best wishes . . . . .

  4. Hi Michel – thanks so much for the photos. Ive always loved how you capture moments that other people just can’t see even though they are in plain sight. And thanks for the inspiring words. I feel blessed to have you as part of our family. Love you!

  5. Thank you for the photos, Sapna. Now I feel I have contributed for a very little part to your mural. However I feel shy that you have put my name. This was not required.
    I very much like the background checker you have made mixing several colours. The blue is magic to my eye.
    Congratulations for what you ahead done here. I am very happy it worked on you as an opening, a widening of your painting attitude. Not that I would know you needed it. Rather because seeing someone, more someone dear, moving forward on his/her own path helps me to push myself forward on my own one. It seems I need an gigantic kick for every microscopic move.
    With love

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