Best Movies of 2016, top ten movies of 2016

Must Watch 2016 Movies

Best Movies of 2016, top ten movies of 2016
Best 10 Movies of 2016

I love movies. Always have. I’m not going to dissect each of these amazing films and tell you why I liked each one of them. I’ll let you decide that for yourself. I have to say though that ‘Dheepan’ is on top of my list – so do watch it!

Best Comedy Movies of 2016
Best Comedy Movies of 2016

I’m hoping the list is sort of incomplete because there are a few movies I’m waiting to watch like – Nocturnal Animals( love Tom Ford), Passengers, The girl on the train (I loved the book), Arrival, Elle, Allied and Moonlight.

Having said that, I didn’t watch too many Indian movies this year, but from the ones I did, I really liked Neerja. The other Hindi movie I’d recommend is Pink, but I could only get myself to watch it for an hour – it was far too real and very disturbing!

I haven’t made it into a top 10 list because each of these films is poignant and beautiful in its own way. These are my favorite movies from 2016: Anomalisa, Wiener Dog, Louder Than Bombs, 45 Years, Mustang, Carol, Youth, Mountains may depart, Dheepan, Maggie’s Plan

These are the best 6 comedy movies I loved in 2016: Sausage Party, Bad Moms, Masterminds, Brothers Grimsby, Zoolander 2, The Boss

2 Indian movies I liked: Neerja and Pink

I can’t believe 2016 is coming to a close though – this year has been a whirlwind for me, in a good way!

Tell me your favorite movies from 2016.