Loving Advice To Artists/Self

Im not waging a war against the world. The world is not a hostile, hateful place where the doors always remain shut. These are not my list of enemies :

1. The general public does not ‘get’ or love my art as much as they should.

2. Art magazines are off limits to upcoming artists and influenced mostly by big art galleries and art schools.

3. Galleries are after money, choosy, irrational, cold, snooty and unreachable.

4. Museums are for ‘older artists’, the elite, artists connected with government officials or those with ‘contacts’.

5. The entire art world is flawed and there’s no place in it for a talented, hardworking artist.

Most of these misconceptions and gross generalizations are rarely true. Today, the world is more connected than it’s ever been and information about the art world is more easily accessible. Many artists are in charge of their careers, opening their own studios and gallery spaces. Artists manage their own image via social media, website and blogs. These enemies exist only in our heads and they aren’t stopping any of us artists from reaching our true potential. However, theres no use just cussing and getting upset and jumping to conclusions. To move forward as an artist and help our own careers, it’s not enough anymore to sit and work in the studio – we need more skills than that. But as a start – we can learn what we can learn and change our attitude and perceptions towards the art world. It’s not such a bad place.