Is Staying Home A Punishment Or A Luxury During The Pandemic ?

For weeks, the public health advice has been clear: stay home if you can.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be an exciting ride into a radically transformed luxury paradigm.

In these ‘unprecedented times’ when uncertainty is our only constant  – lifestyles are being turned upside down and people have been forced to reset their priorities. Safety and protection now come first and personal health and wellness have become the new luxury for many.

At one time, luxury was defined by excess and opulence. More recently, luxury started being associated with a lifestyle of absence and minimalism, as opposed to a superficial expression of wealth and ostentatious logos. True luxury became subtle. Like a breath of fresh air. Or a discrete ray of the morning sun. The return to simplicity.

What Is Luxury During A Pandemic

A recent analysis shows that American residents in Pittsburgh’s lowest-income areas are moving around seven times more than residents in the highest-income areas. Shopping and food access also play a role in who is traveling farther, experts said. While people with means can get groceries and other essentials delivered, low-income people are more likely to have to travel to the store. Now, with the ‘rich’ folks, you’re using the information highway. You’re using somebody else’s car or the Amazon or Big Basket van to bring you what you need.

You can’t mop floors through Zoom or stock shelves on the internet. Unfortunately, there are many major societal inequities when it comes to social distancing. It is indeed a luxury to be able to stay home. Staying home is much harder for people who work at jobs that require them to be there in person, such as transportation and retail. 

If they don’t go outside to work, their world comes to a halt. They can’t quit because they wouldn’t have any other source of income/savings or sustenance, even though they are putting their health at risk every day they step out the door. So, what are they to do? It doesn’t seem like we are thinking about this enough.