Invitation To Summer Camp 2018 at VR Bengaluru

Learning to use the right side of their brain is a huge gift you can give your kids! And the opportunity to be free to create, to enjoy their creative side, use wild imagination, and make art, is just priceless.

Summer Camp 2018 Creative Lab Themes

At the VR Bengaluru 15-day Summer Camp 2018, I will have a creative lab to foster free creative play, facilitate collaborative, community art projects, and independent, creative learning for children between ages 4-12. I am so excited to have my first ever summer camp and thank VR for this vast creative space set up in their sun-lit atrium that will truly connect the minds and hearts of people and communities through art. 

I’m calling this camp ‘Wonder’- a Summer Camp as it should be – fun, exciting, different, a chance to learn something new, play and make new friends! This camp will focus on art! – process, many different mediums, and a chance to explore.

Summer Camp Community & Collaborative Art Themes

I even have international themes and the kids and I will also be collaborating with the bespoke luxury brand Aranyani in creating imaginary, nature-inspired handbags on the occasion of Mother’s Day on Sunday, 13th May. In Hinduism, Aranyani is a goddess of the forests and the animals that dwell within them and the brand truly epitomises ‘forest-inspired’. And, guess what? You can have your little Picasso’s or little Frida’s special handbag art replicated as is on an Aranyani bag! While you are at VR Bengaluru, don’t forget to check out their new line of Vegan leather handbags!

I like to encourage individual creativity and I love process art. My workshops are entirely child led. I will be switching things up each day. Don’t miss out and always dress for mess! So what are you waiting for? Come let’s explore, create and inspire!

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Summer Workshop 2018 Themes at VR Bengaluru


More Creative Themes

Details : April 21-29 & May 11-16 2018, from 12pm to 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 12pm to 4pm from Monday to Friday. Registration is free when you shop for Rs.500 or above.