Invitation To Participate In ‘Letter’ – At A Time When We Need It Most, Write To Celebrate Togetherness, Love & Gratitude

I am recreating a virtual format of the letter-themed Installation I did for the first time at Cubbon Metro on Children’s Day in 2018 in association with the Postal Department and a grant from Srishti School Of Art. Read about it by clicking here and here.

This time, the theme for letters is ‘Connect’ while everyone is self-isolated till 14th April, 2020. I want this be a celebration of old-fashioned correspondence and a fine time to connect (or re-connect) with the people who are close to our hearts and in our thoughts especially during this difficult time. In our era of instant electronic communication, writing a letter may seem quaint to younger people, but I’m sure that most people are old and wise enough to attest that letter-writing is a wonderful form of communication. Not only can it cut through the noise of the day; it can help us make a true connection with someone.

Send a card, write a thank you note or compose a letter. Let go on paper, let your writing be inspiring, crazy, interesting, haunting, delightful or sad. I’m looking forward to how incredibly insightful these letters are going to be about the complexities of life and being human in the throes of a world-wide pandemic. 

I believe that technology, telephony, social media, email and instant back and forth of text/audio/video messaging has made it very convenient for us to constantly communicate with people. However, the art of letters and letter writing will always have its own charm. A handwritten letter is immensely personal, beautiful and contemplative.

Important information for participants : 

  1. If you are ok to share your letter, please email a photo of the letter to me at Pls feel free to share with your friends and family to enable them to participate. Share with me or not, please do write a lot of letters.
  2. I will include a photo of your letter as part of a virtual public art installation and share details with you once it is set up.

I’m leaving you with handwritten letters I received a couple of days ago from my friend Michel in Belgium and Amber in Shanghai. It’s their contribution to ‘Letter’. 

Also sharing a letter my friend Madhu wrote to her daughter Lavanya on her birthday. Lavanya is away from her family and currently in London.

I eagerly look forward to receiving your letters. Write Your Heart Out!

A Letter From Belgium
A Letter From China
A close-up of Michel’s letter from Belgium
A close-up of Amber’s letter from China
A close-up of Madhu’s letter wishing her daughter a happy birthday. From Bangalore all the way to London
Madhu Valluri’s Birthday Wishes To Daughter Lavanya
A set of 6 Thank You cards made by me for my friends

Update: Thanks to Aparna Narrain from The Hindu for this feature :

A letter From Son to Dad Manzoor from Kerala to Bangalore