Invitation : Mother’s Day Art Installation & Art Workshop at VR Bengaluru

Being a mom is hard work. But moms do it anyway—and if you’re really lucky, you get a great one and you turn out alright. If she’s lucky, part of you turning out alright means maybe, just maybe, you’ll pay that back by remembering Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Art Workshops at VR Bengaluru

 I’m really excited because VR Bengaluru has commissioned me to create an interactive art installation on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The installation will be on view on Sunday, May 13, 2018 at VR Bengaluru. In addition, I will also be hosting 5 different art workshops with a Mother’s Day theme. Please get your kiddos and don’t miss enrolling them in the leather handbag painting workshop in association with Aranyani, the maker of luxury, hand painted handbags. Lots of surprise goodies too. 

Aranyani Handbag Painting Workshop

In an age where everyone is entirely too online, taking the time to write a thank you note is a lost art. And moms love lost arts. You know who taught me that? My mom. Because she rules. Which is why I’m going to tell her how much she means to me this weekend with a card. Come join me!