I’ll Love Writers, Artists And Poets Always

I love connecting with writers, artists and poets. I find them absolutely fascinating, regardless of age, experience or genre. Get a group of them together and you have a vibrant feeding frenzy of energy and ideas!

I had such an experience this weekend when I was invited to attend a Blogger Meet at TGIF on MG Road in Bangalore sponsored by Women’s Web, Harper Collins along with novelist Nikita Singh.

Bloggers Do It Better

We talked, we laughed, we shared tips on content creation, the ongoing Lit Fest and of course social media.

During the event, I had the opportunity to chat with some of them.

These women are ON IT. Vibrant. Creative. Driven.

I was seated amongst a beautiful collective of energy and I just couldn’t get enough. Each noteworthy in her own right.

Women bloggers, Bangalore bloggers, blogger meet experience

At the end of the afternoon, I went to eat Asian food at Yauatcha next door with my husband in a cloud of creative madness and a longing to see these women again. I talked fast and furious with my husband about this new community of makers and doers. As I tried lifting the big chunks of stir-fried Pok-Choy with my chopsticks, I paused for a moment of gratitude to thank the stars for these women, this community, this blogger attitude of sharing and support.

I thought about a quote I’d read about blogging a long time ago, “Blog like no one is reading. Blog for yourself first and always. Blog because you feel compelled to share the things you’re passionate about, and you’ll never run out of material.”

Women bloggers, Bangalore bloggers, blogger meet experience
Blog Like No Ones Reading

I went to bed that night grateful and excited for the next time my world collides with other creatives. You just never know what gifts will unfold.