I Did It : My First Art Stall Recap

With my very first art stall behind me, all I can keep saying to myself (and aloud to my husband) is: I did it!

The Palm Meadows Residents Talent Nite on a gorgeous moonlit night overlooking palm tree-lined avenues was amazing! From the location to the organizer to my lovely neighbors to the drama-free-ness of the event (except for one pre-show melt-down by me), it was all pretty awesome.

From the moment I got the go-ahead to be included among the performers/participants, the show’s organizer Sripathi Nilkar, Head of Community Affairs at PM ran a smooth operation. He was friendly and supportive and so encouraging of me as an artist.

This was an event for and by the residents of Palm Meadows. Living in this community continues to remind me of the Bangalore I grew up in; low rise houses, empty roads, quiet, green, balmy, lots of singing birds and cats, kids cycling – you get the idea.

I digress, back to the stall – One reason my husband and I love goa is the Saturday night market. We love the indie culture, the kitschy stalls, the eclectic music, the world food and the general vibe that one can only find in Goa. I always dreamt of putting up a stall of my own one day – minus the selling though, which doesn’t make sense right?

So when Sripathi told me that there’s no selling or even displaying the name of my website at the Talent Nite stall, I was secretly relieved.

Of course, I had my reservations about putting up a stall. I thought it would dilute my profile as an artist. I was a bit intimidated by the number of other events and even my high-profile neighbors. Would I be able to pull it off? Design an interesting booth? Be friendly and greet people? And what about the logistics of loading in and out. What if no one came to see my booth?

But it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. It seemed like the logical next step in getting my art out there.

Not only as a chance to show my art, but to:

*Get some practical experience in setting up an exhibition stall

*Meet people in person and get feedback face to face.

*Just to check it off my list of things I want to do

And I’m happy to say, I met and surpassed my own personal goals for the show.

My First Art Stall

Not only did I get TONS of smiling faces and happy positive feedback from neighbors I hadn’t met before , I even made some new friends.

Yes, it was scary to put myself out there.

It was scary to try a new thing.

But I learned so much. And yes, I’m glad I did it.