How To Truly Declutter This Diwali

Every Diwali is welcomed with diyas, rangolis, flowers and fireworks. Diwali at our home also comes with a frenzy of activities, especially cleaning and decluttering. We buy new things for the house and create piles of accumulated junk, redundant things to throw away and donate. It is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth only enters homes that are clean, brightly lit and smell good. I hope to do a spring cleaning of my mind too this year and introspect to start afresh clean and clear. Along with the external cleanliness and the new clothes I’ll wear today, I hope to declutter my mind and life and hopefully emerge as a newer and better version of myself. I want to clear my head of all the negative thoughts and people holding me back. Thankfully, there aren’t that many. I’m also using Diwali as an excuse to rid my mind of regrets, hurt, jealousy, ill will, hatred, avarice, bitterness and all those useless emotions that pull me down.

Diwali A Time To Party

Let us all light a lamp this Diwali to signify love, positivity and mindfulness. Let’s resolve to be better human beings and fulfill the purpose of our lives.