The Here And Now

The Hedonist (2016) Drawing 11.7 W X 16.5 H x 0 in
The Hedonist
Drawing 11.7 W X 16.5 H x 0 in

The sun sets today to rise again tomorrow and the moon has to come out every night. Flowers bloom and then wither away. The yellow bananas all turn swiftly black. Everything that is born in this world dies. All that surrounds us, regardless of how long it’s been here, will eventually turn to dust. So, when David Bowie sang “Ashes to Ashes” he was quite right.

This natural law of impermanence includes the meat suit you are currently wearing. If you are in India, your particular meat suit’s expiration date is around 66.21 years – not 100 as perpetuated by the ‘Sau Saal jiyo’ (live a 100 years) blessings from your grandmother.

This realization of mortality and impermanence usually leads me to sigh and say “life is too short” then go back to distracting myself with daily chores. But some days, I meditate for a moment on that fact.

I’m going to die. We all are. The things around me are temporary. They all are. That building I can see from my kitchen window, the car I drive, my dogs, my family – they will all go, including me. Even the way I feel right now, happy or sad, is a momentary feeling.

I don’t hate that boss from 2011 anymore, I don’t crush on Kit Harrington like I used to and I’m certainly not going to love hoarding distressed denim in 2018. There is no use denying or avoiding it – if anything, it’s empowering to know that everything is temporary.

I’m trying to embrace the limitations that being mortal gives me, figuring out the exact kind of life I want to live so I have minimal regrets—and going for it. There’s nothing holding me back when I try to embrace impermanence. Well, at least this is my ‘temporary’ state of mind today.

What is your idea of a perfect life or perfect death? Mine is to be able to have a bubble bath everyday and die a sudden death in my sleep. Tell me yours. Comment.

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  108. Thank you so much for this poem and its insights. I lost my only sibling, my sister, in a car accident in 1993. It was the worst day of my life and forever changed me. I miss her still and always will, of course – you simply aren’t the same. But at the same time I learned we are not in control, all we can do is react the best we can to what is given to us. That’s a pretty big lesson and a great gift.

  109. I am so glad I checked out the blog today, this was exactly what I needed to read! Thank you Professor, once again a beautiful piece! Do you do son-rise?? Have been seriously considering it for us. Happy 4th!!!! Even if we never achieve the typical kind of independence for our kids, I can honestly say I’m so very glad I received the independence of mind, and heart I needed to help him in every way possible against stacked odds.

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  130. Thank you for sharing what's on your heart. Earlier this week I read Katie's post on counting the cost, and it was very convicting for me. In 17 days I leave the comforts of the US to return to Haiti (I work with Willem and Beth Charles' ministry on the mountain). I'm really excited to return to the ministry there, but I'm definitely sad about leaving my loved ones. Thanks for reminding me that as much as it hurts to leave, a) I'm not the only one on this journey and b) following Christ will always require counting the cost.

  131. Fantastically helpful for me, thank you! I’d heard the part 1 bit before but couldn’t work out what to do with it , so it never had enough impact to get me past the self-obsessing cycle. Thanks for giving me part 2 to make useful sense of part 1![]

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  464. Thanks, Kerry. There are still days when I freak out (like last night), thinking about how we’ll afford child care, what kind of scheduling arrangements do we have to do, who can or will help us out, etc. And I just try to focus on having a healthy pregnancy. Stress doesn’t do much good for pregnancies! Still it’s hard, but thankfully it comes and goes. I just have to be mindful to let it go.Nina recently posted..

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  468. as a mom who had 2 miscarriages early on within those pregnancies i cannot imagine making life and having that life taken so quickly. michele, i know you are a most sensitive and caring person and that unfolds into your photography too. i admire your resolve to be a part of this foundation………

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  470. Indy man, that is crazy talk. Let me get this straight…the Republicans want to wreck the economy and hurt innocent people just to screw Obama? C’mon, man, that is not even a serious comment. You have a pretty twisted view of people if you think that way. By doing so, they wreck the economy for their friends, neighbors, family and self just to get some satisfaction out of beating Obama? Makes zero sense.

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  472. Dymphna–“The men of the East may spell the stars,And times and triumphs mark,But the men signed of the cross of ChristGo gaily in the dark."–G.K. Chesterton, "The Ballad of the White Horse". I hope this makes you feel more hopeful. It always lifts my spirits.

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  485. as always, you’re preaching to the choir with me santini. a revolution sounds great. i can’t help but feel that i’ve been fighting that battle for years. unfortunately it’s a battle that’s been akin to the french resistance to the nazi’s rather than an echo of 1776. oh well, at least it’s good to know i’m not the only fighter even if we are losing…badly

  486. Lynn, all the talk about being independent from foreign oil is just that: talk. Every president since Nixon (maybe even earlier) has promised less dependency; however, dependency has only increased every year. John Stossel has a great clip of all the presidents making that promise.

  487. I have just died of laughing at number 3 because it is a FACT. Did you buy them? I can't bring myself to invest in a pair of Fryes because I'm afraid my calves are going to expand exponentially between now and … the age of 80 which is how long I want them to last.

  488. I think you’re misunderstanding what we mean by “downloadable” game. We consider ‘Splosion Man to be downloadable because it’s on XBLA. Same with WiiWare, iPhone, and services like Greenhouse, Steam, and D2D (as long as the games aren’t in a box on a store shelf somewhere). I also consider it to be “indie,” but arguing the definition of what “indie” is seems to be a very slippery slope these days.

  489. I don’t think “Person Of Interest” is going more “sci-fi” like. The machine is just like another character on the show and learning how the machine got built that may or may not be self aware makes the show that much better in my opinion. The show will always focus on Reese, Finch, Carter, and Fusco with the machine’s role staying in the background giving Finch more numbers to decipher.

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