The Here And Now

The Hedonist (2016) Drawing 11.7 W X 16.5 H x 0 in
The Hedonist
Drawing 11.7 W X 16.5 H x 0 in

The sun sets today to rise again tomorrow and the moon has to come out every night. Flowers bloom and then wither away. The yellow bananas all turn swiftly black. Everything that is born in this world dies. All that surrounds us, regardless of how long it’s been here, will eventually turn to dust. So, when David Bowie sang “Ashes to Ashes” he was quite right.

This natural law of impermanence includes the meat suit you are currently wearing. If you are in India, your particular meat suit’s expiration date is around 66.21 years – not 100 as perpetuated by the ‘Sau Saal jiyo’ (live a 100 years) blessings from your grandmother.

This realization of mortality and impermanence usually leads me to sigh and say “life is too short” then go back to distracting myself with daily chores. But some days, I meditate for a moment on that fact.

I’m going to die. We all are. The things around me are temporary. They all are. That building I can see from my kitchen window, the car I drive, my dogs, my family – they will all go, including me. Even the way I feel right now, happy or sad, is a momentary feeling.

I don’t hate that boss from 2011 anymore, I don’t crush on Kit Harrington like I used to and I’m certainly not going to love hoarding distressed denim in 2018. There is no use denying or avoiding it – if anything, it’s empowering to know that everything is temporary.

I’m trying to embrace the limitations that being mortal gives me, figuring out the exact kind of life I want to live so I have minimal regrets—and going for it. There’s nothing holding me back when I try to embrace impermanence. Well, at least this is my ‘temporary’ state of mind today.

What is your idea of a perfect life or perfect death? Mine is to be able to have a bubble bath everyday and die a sudden death in my sleep. Tell me yours. Comment.

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  14. Monica H. – thanks for being real. God is with us through each and every season … keep holding on tight to Him no matter what! I pray you will be surrounded by His peace and by supportive friends and family through this time.

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  75. I agree with the Jan 8, 2009 comment by Mick and believe she would have congratulated Al Gore on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not in competition with him and I doubt that he was competeing with her. We know that she saved 2500 lives, but none of us know how many lives Mr. Gore wil have saved by his ecological efforts.

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  134. LG you are rite. We hate this but its a fact of life. If you want to play you have to play under their rules. One of the girls said that Mitch is paying them a per diem of like $250 per game down from the $500 he already promised. I love football but am surprised the CBC hasn’t picked up on this. Idk if Canadian fans would support a sport that doesn’t pay their own but pays Americans to play. Doesn’t seem fair to me.. Its not the American girls fault but the Commissioner is cheap.

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  196. as always, you’re preaching to the choir with me santini. a revolution sounds great. i can’t help but feel that i’ve been fighting that battle for years. unfortunately it’s a battle that’s been akin to the french resistance to the nazi’s rather than an echo of 1776. oh well, at least it’s good to know i’m not the only fighter even if we are losing…badly

  197. Lynn, all the talk about being independent from foreign oil is just that: talk. Every president since Nixon (maybe even earlier) has promised less dependency; however, dependency has only increased every year. John Stossel has a great clip of all the presidents making that promise.

  198. I have just died of laughing at number 3 because it is a FACT. Did you buy them? I can't bring myself to invest in a pair of Fryes because I'm afraid my calves are going to expand exponentially between now and … the age of 80 which is how long I want them to last.

  199. I think you’re misunderstanding what we mean by “downloadable” game. We consider ‘Splosion Man to be downloadable because it’s on XBLA. Same with WiiWare, iPhone, and services like Greenhouse, Steam, and D2D (as long as the games aren’t in a box on a store shelf somewhere). I also consider it to be “indie,” but arguing the definition of what “indie” is seems to be a very slippery slope these days.

  200. I don’t think “Person Of Interest” is going more “sci-fi” like. The machine is just like another character on the show and learning how the machine got built that may or may not be self aware makes the show that much better in my opinion. The show will always focus on Reese, Finch, Carter, and Fusco with the machine’s role staying in the background giving Finch more numbers to decipher.

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  393. A wonderful thought.I left the Methodist congregation I was raised in because the “good” ministers were always transfered up to larger, more “important” churches. The lame ones – the ones more interested in social justice in South America than our conservative, Republican, largely retired community – stuck around for years. The Peter Principle does faith.

  394. Your student would have loved the work of my ESL students…full of spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences. I withdraw that statement. In many schools I taught at in the past the ESL contingent were superior in literary expression compared to the native speakers.

  395. angel of death – josef mengele, a adolfa – angela merkel disse ai há uns tempos que se deviam sacrificar as pessoas em prol da banca o cavaco disse que deviamos muito á banca deviam-lhes crescer bancos no cu mas era de pau

  396. Gilles 7 novembre 2012 En plus il dit North Corean Pop Culture, alors que PSY est de Coree du Sud. Et que le style « Gangnam » fait reference a Gangnam, un quartier de Seoul, en Coree du Sud, donc… Il est ridicule et fait preuve d’une absence de connaissance geographique toute americaine…

  397. Prezado Muriel,Como Empreendedor Individual – EI, ao superar o faturamento de R$ 60.000,00 ao ano, passará a condição de Microempresa. Para atuar como EI deve ter um endereço físico (residencial, se permitido pela Prefeitura e/ou comercial) Como EI tem direito a contratar um único funcionário. Mundo Sebrae

  398. auf die Systempresse zu schieben ist eigentlich kein Denker Stil.1. wo hätte ich das geschrieben? Ich verweise auf vielmehr explizit das politisch-mediale-ökonomische Geflecht.2. quod scripsi, scipsi. Es bleibt Ihnen aber völlig unbenommen, das alles anders zu sehen. So tolerant, das auszuhalten, bin ich schon …

  399. uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8407047/Libyan-rebel-commander-admits-his-fighters-have-al-Qaeda-links.htmlglobalbreakingnews. com/news/3326/82/British-intelligence-worked-with-Al-Qaeda-to-kill-Qaddafinewworldliberty. com/newsarticle/us-government-backs-libyan-al-qaeda-while-hyping-terror-attacks-inside-usLibyan Rebel leader (Khalifa Hifter) spent 20 years with CIA. Al-Qaeda trained by the CIA..miamiherald. com/2011/03/26/2136063/new-libyan-rebel-leader-spent.html

  400. 18 July 2012 By with “National Instruments is providing tools and equipment for cold fusion researchers to help them understand the phenomenon. Although greater precision and accuracy in testing is a very good thing, it should be clarified that there is no doubt that cold fusion has already been proven to be a real phenomenon.”

  401. could easily be explainable, another light on a building turned on, a shop window, someone on the toilet turning the light on? the list is endless. forr this to be evidence it needed to be seen on a moving frrame or set of frames to prove it wasnt just some terrestrial (human) light

  402. Haha! I love the conversation between you and your husband . . I think all husbands are the same! Mine always comments when I have too much of something in the fridge. . and he thinks its gonna go bad. . Your bundt cake is lovely! and wow! 4:30am?! wow. that’s dedication. love that!I am so going to use your line, “I’m the boss of this kitchen, you just get to eat in it.” – I love this!

  403. Clown Nem vagyok biztos benne, hogy van mit előásni. Azt ne felejtsük el, hogy az A/B hajtóműveit már nem igazán használja senki. (Az MLU gépek asszem vagy újat kaptak, vagy kalapáltak rajtuk.)Tetszik / Egyetértek: 0 Az értékeléshez be kell

  404. My partner and I shared a few meals, because the bread bowls of soup and the salads are large enough for two to share. Plus the wild ducks enjoy the bread leftovers. We ate at the Pacific wharf in dca and at the restaurant near the rivers of america in dl. All meals were outstanding

  405. I cant take my mind off the person who just disappears forever especially when he is not supposed to pass away at that age. Death is very strange, It arouses everyone’s curiosity. I simply cannot imagine “no more Me”. I think everyone desires for a “bed- riddenless” death.

  406. Like Andy says in shawshank get busy living or get busy dying I don’t want to have time to think about death bcos I’m so busy living it up

  407. I want lots of people to cry when I die thousands I want the life and death of a superstar and I want to die young old age is a curse

  408. I want to die in my sleep too but I want to be so alive and live and see and taste and smell and experience and feel everything that there is in this world. I’ll sleep when I die.

  409. Beautiful writing! I want to die of a heart attack in the middle of a big party I want my whole life and death to be one big endless party and you’re invited Sapna

  410. Donno bout death bt ma perfect life wud b no work n livin in a house inside a huge garden like lalbagh I no wat ur thinkin I wNt 2 b Adam

  411. When I will pass away please celebrate. I would very much like all people who have known me to sing or dance or laugh to be in joy standing in the middle of their own life. That would be my perfect life and my perfect death at the same time.

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