Happy Women’s Day To All The Queens

I loved watching ‘Queen & Slim’ recently for its dazzling depiction of black life in America, the outrageous costumes, defying perceived gender roles and the best part was the soundtrack. The story of Queen & Slim’s perceived gender roles will surprise you the most. Daniel Kaluuya, one of the two leads, describes Slim as someone who is not “overtly masculine”. And Queen is more of a take-charge protagonist. She’s also an attorney with a more privileged socioeconomic status compared to Slim who works as a retail employee.

“We assign assertion to masculinity, but it’s just being a person that knows what they’re about,” says Kaluuya.

Queen & Slim

Melina Matsoukas, the director tells OprahMag.com that the way women are portrayed in the film was particularly important to her as a director.

“I love our bodies and our beauty and the many shapes they come in—and I also intend to be a part of redefining what beauty is in the Black community,” she says. “It was really important that Queen be a dark-skinned woman. I wanted to represent that Black love on screen in that way, and I wanted to represent some of our darker-skinned sisters on screen and honor the many shades of who we are.”

‘Queens’ by Nikita Gill

Here’s wishing a very happy Women’s Day to all the Queens I know. Keep reigning supreme!