355 thoughts on “Happy Vara Mahalakshmi Vrata

  1. It may be hard, but you make it look easy. Seriously, you're doing a great job. PLUS, I'm wearing the glasses I got at Coastal because of your post earlier this week (super-fast shipping). I hope I did the whole referral thing correctly because it's all because of you (and the other fat bloggers who tipped me off to the dress I'm wearing and who reinforce the confidence that I muster day in and day out) that I'm getting compliments from strangers today.

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  16. I remember on several occasions driving by those tents on my way to Valencia. I was always impressed, they really looked first-world-like and the humongous size of the billboards over them only augmented the false perception that some important project was being carried out inside them. Shit, I never imagined it was all a f’cking farce, a tangible cover-up of another failure from the corrupt phonies that presumably govern the country. Really hope the video becomes widespread.

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  25. Congratulations Nancy on 30 years. Your show has taught me so much about sewing making it seem doable and easy. I have enjoyed the annual Quilt Expo in Madison and the Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam for several years bringing new women to sewing along with me. Hopefully you will continue for another decade.

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  32. More Tears, Smiles and Laughs… Thank You for the memories my brother… So well written… In case no ones told you, you are a very good writer. I hear your voice when I read your words. MUCH RESPECT, from someone who LOVES to read…Love Always,Mike

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  39. Does this take place in Edgeware? I knew a whole bunch of kids that were from Edgeware who:-lived in huge houses with giant mortgages-had cockney accents despite living in luxury-had parents who spoiled them rotten-had parents who eventually lost everything due to overspending

  40. Oh my my my! What causes this condition? The buttocks didn’t bother me, I just wish the doctor would’ve protected the patients “crevice ” before draining. I did read in the intro though that the doc has been working with this man. My heart goes out to him.

  41. Another one, out of the park!But…I must disagree — these people (our Masters in Sodom-on-the-Potomac) *ARE* sociopaths!Further, I think it's EXACTLY this which leads to their getting elected.Sociopaths are MASTERS at knowing what to say to whom, and when. It all means NOTHING — their victory in being re-elected it all that matters to them!

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  46. …moi ce que je ne trouve pas très réaliste, c’est rachida qui fait les soldes, à mon avis si elle a envie de s’habiller, elle doit pouvoir le faire n’importe quand. Quoiqu’il en soit je ne suis pas sur que les vêtements de créateurs/couturiers/stylistes soient soldés !ps : j’attends la 2e avec impatience

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  55. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for your family and Abby. Our daughter who was healthy at birth and up until 6 months old, came home from Guatemala in August of 2007 with significant developmental delays, delayed mylination and cortical visual impairment. I have to fight daily for my daughter’s future and development. I can’t imagine the what you are facing in fighting for your daughter’s life. Your strength and faith in God is an inspiration.I read Brent’s response and have printed out the lessons and scriptures. Thank you!Anne

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