Happy Raksha Bandhan

August 8, 2016 0 Comments

Raksha Bandhan Infographic (2016)
Raksha Bandhan Infographic (2016)

‘Nobody remembers your Powerpoint presentations at your funeral’ – CHETAN BHAGAT

I sure do hope mine aren’t forgotten. I like words. I like data. I like pictures. I like content that is presented with pictures. Living in a hyper-stimulated world means our attention spans are the same as that of a grasshopper’s. We all prefer bite-sized,snackable info. I call them finger food for the brain. So, on the occasion of Rakhi – here’s a little canapé from me. Enjoy!

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Rakhi (2016) Drawing 5 H x 5 W x 0 in
Rakhi (2016)
Drawing 5 H x 5 W x 0 in