Happy Easter!

April 15, 2017 0 Comments

2012 Easter was very special – I was leading internal communications at Societe Generale, Bangalore at the time and we had an office egg painting competition on the occasion of Easter. Now, the rules clearly stated that this was an individual entry contest and not meant for a group – I mean how could 2 or more people paint one egg without cracking it right? WRONG!

Easter Egg Painting In Progress Circa 2012

I’m very proud of my lateral thinking abilities sometimes – My team insisted they were not artistic, that they didn’t know how to hold a paintbrush but I convinced them to just enjoy the process and paint the birds and piggies from Angry Birds – the app!! This was at the peak of Angry Birds mania mind you so everyone was kinda excited!

Of Birds And Bees Er…Pigs

There were absolutely no toys or any merchandise available yet at the time in stores so we couldn’t just buy props for our set. And because I’d never done it before, I tried painting all the birds and piggies the night before so I could guide my team better.

Needless to say, the team came together beautifully and every one of us enjoyed painting, sharing brushes/pencils/pens, dipping into the same pot of water, making a nest out of hay, building a sling from scratch, taking care of our delicate eggs and stacking Jenga wood blocks to make the pig sty.

Looking back, we realized what a great team effort it was – what a great team we made. One of us got colored prints for the backdrop – something we hadn’t initially thought of but turned out to be a great idea. Another got a potato from the office cafeteria so we could prop up the sling. And, we were all equally miffed when we were given separate numbers to identify our individual entries by the judges. The entire team insisted that our Angry Birds be considered as one entry.

Let The Games Begin

We didn’t win any prizes that day but we knew ours was the best and more importantly we took our relationship with each other to the next level. In fact, these pictures were sent by my dear dear friend Manzoor Rahman – the quietest, smartest and most talented designer I know, from that very team right after getting an Easter greeting from me today. These lovely memories are going to last us many Easters!
Here’s wishing you lots of love and togetherness this Easter!