Happy 5800th Birthday!

August 22, 2018 0 Comments

Nothing is more frightening than mortality. Except maybe immortality.

Anyone who’s watched zombie and vampire shows knows that immortality can really suck.
I am not a fan of living forever, although I know a few people who would love to. For one, I hate the thought of eternal root touch up appointments at the salon. And the idea of an infinite future being alone without the people I love until the death of eternity, that sounds exhausting. What if everyone could be immortal though? I couldn’t live next door to the same noisy neighbour forever for one.
I can’t imagine the price of real estate and the jostling crowd outside. It’s pretty bad as it is.
Are people going to keep producing children? What about aging and monogamy?
Immortality will call for a huge overhaul of cultural mores and mindsets.
What about jobs and walk-in interviews, If everyone keeps working century after century inside the same cubicle?
No one can ever die in an accident, or be murdered or die of inhaling toxic fumes or drown to death because everyone is immortal – so will things like life insurance, plane crash, safety, jail, environmental pollution even matter? I can imagine some people playing Bejeweled for a couple of centuries already. Will animals be immortal too? I hope my dogs live forever and I’m pretty sure they’ll start talking after an extra decade. So basically, no animal can be killed? We are all going to be vegetarians then? Awesome!
This is ofcourse my wild imagination at play after watching ‘Altered Carbon’ on Netflix.
Our world exists on the premise of how soon and how suddenly we all die. An overly long life is a problem for everyone. No one wants an eternity of boring repetition dominated by salon appointments, app addiction and unemployment.