For The Art Lover In You

First of all, I’m thrilled that Bangalore has got a fine new art gallery. Surrounded by water and vertical gardens, this is one place I’d like to visit again and again.

‘The Gallery’ is a non-commercial arts space set up by the RMZ Foundation inside the techno-concrete jungle that is the RMZ Ecoworld IT park.

The first time I visited this place was sometime last year when they were still setting up ‘The Bay’ – an uber luxurious food court that also doubles up as a mini shopping and entertainment enclave catering to the thousands of people who live and work in the area.

This new gallery is testimony to the fact that art can burst into urban sanctuaries of local culture and infuse a kind of cool chicness into an otherwise mundane IT Park or food court.

I was one of the lucky few to witness the opening of The Gallery’s inaugural show on 9th July, 2017.

G Ravinder Reddy, the 60 year-old artist known for his heraldic sculptures and iconic heads is displaying 26 selected works that trace his three decade artistic journey, as part of his first solo show after nearly ten years, titled Heads And Bodies, Icons And Idols.

What struck me when I saw the signature Ravinder Reddy heads was their size – they are massive, confrontational and unmissable. No photograph can do justice to their majestic stature, their hypnotic gaze, arresting colors and their sports car like sheen.

After seeing them in person, it’s not difficult to see why they were chosen to adorn the homes of Mukesh Ambani and Shahrukh Khan among other Indian and international art collectors.

A recurring theme in Reddy’s art is his depiction of women who are bold, bright, uninhibited, curvaceous and alluring in equal measure.

Another outstanding feature is his use of unconventional mediums like polyester, resin and fiberglass for his sculptures as opposed to the traditional terracotta, bronze or wood.

When quizzed in a recent NY Times interview, Reddy’s advice to budding artists was to remain focused.

“One day perseverance will bear fruit. Money will come sooner or later, to an artist”. If the $ six-figures that his works command at art auctions are anything to go by – G Ravinder Reddy is a living legend of an artist. Let’s take a bow.

Heads And Bodies, Icons And Idols can be viewed at The Gallery, RMZ Ecoworld, Bengaluru, from 9 July-9 September 2017.