Do’s & Don’ts On Holi – The Celebration Of Colours

Holi is one of my favorite festivals – a festival of colours for sure but also a festival of love. It signifies the end of winter and quite the opposite of that familiar refrain synonymous with Game of Thrones – Spring is coming!

My childhood Holi memories would amount to nothing without those really fast scooter rides, laughter, crazy pranks, looking pink for days after and even some surprisingly soft hair at the end of the day because of all the egg smashing on the head.

An Eco-friendly Holi

One of the legends about Holi is about Radha and Krishna. Their love affair is eternal and the story of Krishna the cowherd romancing Radha is the stuff of fairy tales.
A story goes that the dark-blue skinned Lord Krishna despaired if the beautiful Radha would dislike him because of his skin colour. As a solution, his mother Yashodha, suggested he playfully colour Radha’s face in any colour of his choice. This he does, and Radha falls in love with him. Ever since, Holi the festival of love and colours is celebrated by smearing colour on people.

Vasudaiva Kutumbakam – World Is A Family

This Holi, let’s look beyond the barriers of races, ethnicities, ages, colours, religions, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, languages, nationalities and realise that we’re all human. We’re here in this world together. Let’s live.

Here’s wishing you a day filled with colour and mirth, a day to forgive and forget, to repair broken relationships and forge new ones and   celebrate our diversity because no matter what the colour of our skin, we all bleed red.