DIY 2021 Party Props

December 31, 2020 0 Comments

2020 has been all about home made and handmade flair. I couldn’t find the right new year party props online and the delivery times were too long, so I decided I’m going to make my own this year. 

Give your new year party a creative and one-of-a-kind touch with this easy-to-create DIY decor idea. Ring in 2021 wearing personalized party glasses. It’s a fun project for kids and adults.

Step 1: Sketch a design

Using a pair of your own glasses, lay one of the earpieces flat on a 20-inch piece of cardboard paper, and trace its outline. Then, tilt the glasses until the front of the lenses are resting on the paper, and trace the lens outline. Tilt again to trace the other earpiece. You should now have a flat outline of your glasses. 

Step 2: Make eye openings

Draw circles in the center of the sketch for eye openings. Cut out the circles. 

Step 3: Draw the new year in numbers

Sketch the number of the new year around these openings.

Step 4: Make cutouts

Cut around the numbers so they stand out. 

DIY 2021 Party Prop Eyewear

Step 5: Try on the glasses

Try on the glasses to see how they look. Make sure the eye holes are big enough for you to see through and in the correct location, and check that the sides fit securely over your ears. You can also just use bamboo skewers to hold up your eyeglass prop. 


You may have to make several sketches before you get a perfect prototype. If you have a paper cutting knife and a paper cutting board, it’s easier but a pair of scissors work too. 

Step 6 : Decorate

Decorate however you like. Stick felt balls, pearls, beads, glitter or edible Sago pearls like I did. Now go ring in the New Year in style.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!