Celebrating 2 Years Of Blogging

I’m so excited that I’m celebrating the second anniversary of blogging on Sapnadube.com today 6th July 2018.

This is my art journal and it has helped me to take my own thoughts forward. I want people who come here to see my work and know more about me to read my opinions. I want them to read about my process of discovery and the thought processes that went into an artwork. I want them to see how my brain and hands connect and work. I want them to understand what it is that I want them to see. I want them to be able to see that I’m not afraid to dig deep to create. Because let’s face it, people are not mind readers. A picture is worth a thousand words, yes. But a short paragraph will open up a bridge to those thousand words.

I love writing, and I love helping others. This is so much more than a job or hobby for me; it’s become a way of life. I am constantly thinking of ways to make the blog better and to help and reach more people. 

My blog won ‘The Best Arts & Theatre Blog In India’ award at The Indian Blogger Awards in Dec 2017 and it’s meant so much to me. I’m thrilled that my passion about making a difference has received official validation.

The Indian Blogger Awards are given to inspire blogging excellence among bloggers who are creative, original and produce quality content.

I have been very lucky to receive recognition for my writing in 2016, my very first year of blogging. Being declared a finalist in The Orange Flower Award 2017 is what made me realise that blogging is perhaps something I could (and should) take seriously. However, to be honest I have sometimes doubted whether I do the right thing. Although I am happy in myself with what I have created here (and from what I can see you supportive readers seem to be happy too) but sometimes we need a little outside recognition. Approval for what I do here is not something I necessarily seek but I cannot deny the confidence it gives you to keep at it if a board of professionals happen to recognize and celebrate your achievements.

As I embark on another new adventure as an artrepreneur this year, writing has really helped me refocus. I now worry about time (or lack thereof) and how I have to make time rather than find it. I’ve had to commit and focus. It requires effort and persistence. Even the busiest person can write if they schedule themselves effectively and are determined to stick with it. Sometimes, though, this is easier said than done.

Thanks to each and every one of you who comes here to read my words and thanks again to all who send encouraging messages  that made this (sometimes doubtful) artist who also writes feel really good and a little bit tearful. I love you.