Are Hobbies Dead?

October 21, 2018 0 Comments

Do you have a hobby? And by hobby I don’t mean listening to music or watching Movies. Do you make/do something in your free time? Like run, cycle, bake, knit, collect stuff, paint, draw, dance, sing, play a sport, photograph, hike or travel? I solve Sudokus and crosswords daily, read a lot, walk and cycle and ofcourse take pictures and cook. I’ve always loved doing these things in an enjoyable, leisurely way without really bothering about winning medals or garnering a respectable social media following.

However, I keep meeting a whole lot of people these days including kids who tell me they have no hobbies. Where’s the time? Between work/school, home and commute,there’s hardly enough time to eat dinner and tuck yourself in to bed. Leisure and downtime are a luxury these days or so it seems. The other thing I’ve noticed is nobody wants to just buy a city cruiser bicycle like I did. They want super sporty geared bicycles they can ride uphill or intercity. No one is just jogging around the park anymore, they’re all training for a half marathon. Are people scared of being mediocre or bad at their hobbies? Of being judged? Of being too laidback? FOMO?

Everything we do in our leisure time these days we do in an intensely public way – a sort of notch on our bedpost, medal biting Facebook/insta photo. Have we become too involved, too anxious and too demanding of ourselves even with our hobbies?

Hobbies let me remind you are supposed to be the opposite of work. A hobby by definition is a regular activity that is done for ‘enjoyment’, typically during one’s ‘leisure’ time. We are all master Yogis and Yoginis, ace Photographers and sinewy Marathoners, globetrotting travelers trying really hard to be the person we so proudly proclaim to be.

At this particular time, most of us are as obsessed with entrepreneurship as we are with technology and social media. The humble hobby has quietly left the room and no one even noticed. Now, you are either ‘passionate’ about something or you ‘hate’ something. There’s no in between, there’s no dabbling.
And one’s passion is ultimately supposed to pay off in the form of a start-up/business idea. Whether you are a home baker or like dressing up/shopping, you better start making vlogs and cultivate(buy?) a social media following. Because who knows? And where’s the fun in that?