All Good Things Begin Here

Akshaya means immortal or something that is indestructible and Tritaya means third lunar day. So anything that we do on Akshaya Tritiya grows with time and cannot be destroyed. Hence it is believed that if one were to begin auspicious things on this day such as purchase of house, land or jewellery etc, any new investment like real estate or stocks, starting a company or website, starting a new relationship or anything that you want to be with you for ever can be initiated on this day.

According to Mahabharata it is believed that on this day Lord Surya (Sun) gifted the Akshaya Patra(bowl) to the Pandavas. This was an enchanted pot which had a never ending supply of food. It is also believed that Veda Vyas began reciting the Hindu epic Mahabharta to Lord Ganesha on Akshaya Tritiya. Another legend states that river Ganga descended to the earth on this day.

Legend or not, a day like this sure is a great reason to start afresh or restart something you love. So hopefully here goes my first of several blog posts this month. 

Here’s wishing you all things good this Akshaya Tritiya.