Sapna Dube is a passionate philomath and Indian contemporary artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of IT and nouveau riche in Bangalore.

Known for her unique style of intricate work & bright coloured drawings, Dube’s art brings to life a world where paint-faced Yakshagana characters run rampant, kaleidoscopic mandalas hypnotize and dahlias dance in some kind of funky parallel universe. Her influences are as varied as Freidrich Nietzsche, Pedro Almodovar and Carl Jung. She is intrigued by daily urban life related to long commutes, daily routines, public personas/self identities, privacy/anonymity, the rat race, loneliness, insatiability and excess.

If you were to describe her art you could say that it pulsates with an abundant use of colour and is made up of intricate shapes and patterns that vibrate with energy.

Dube is a qualified psychologist and media studies major. She began her career in marketing & communication at the Times Of India in 2001 before branching out into corporate communication in 2003 and digital media in 2015. Particularly interested in online behaviors, consumer culture, the sociology of the mobile phone and the transition of legacy media in the digital era, she considers herself an expert on Millennials both personally and professionally.

A passionate advocate for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, Dube is the founder and editor of the dog blog To Forgive Is Canine –  dedicated to her two fluffy dog models, celebrating their lives, along with sharing dog raising tips and secret DIYs. This is a creative outlet that combines her other three passions in life; animals, photography and design. Dube wants this to be a place where dog lovers can find the inspiration for living well with their pets.

Sometimes though, the hard truth about living in a world more and more obsessed with technological comforts and social media makes Dube wish she were a Neanderthal. So, she’s totally gone paleo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other social networking website. However, you can find and follow her two rather social media savvy dogs via To Forgive Is Canine on Instagram and Facebook.