A Priceless Gift

The most introspective of hearts tend to be the most sentimental. We cling to the smallest moments from our past because we fear that emotion will never come our way again.
– Shannon L. Alder

Some things we’re expected to keep: a graduation photo, an award you got in school, the property papers of the house. Then there are those items that look like junk to others but are priceless to us: those threadbare high-waisted jeans from college, that hold a million happy memories only you can remember. A chewed up plush teddie bear that still smells like your dog or a vanity mirror that still reflects your mother’s face that only you can see.

In the Internet age, I find it hard to develop my relationship with new friends so that I can call them ‘best friends’. To me, it often seems like everyone already knows everything they need to about each other and they just come and go, its a give and take, it’s pretty transactional.

With social media and almost every person trying to ‘fit in’ competing for your validation, acceptance and likes and what not, the true meaning of friendship has been distorted and sometimes forgotten.

But sometimes life doesn’t hand you lemons; the stars and planets align to give you that window of opportunity to discover something really great. Just two days ago an old friend of mine just sent me this photo of a pen asking ‘guess what?’. It was the sweetest most unexpected thing ever and I’ll tell you why. I gave this pen worth nothing to my dear friend more than five years ago not as a gift or anything, just wanted to share this good pen that’s all – it’s a nice pen and I had liked it so much that I had got myself a few. In fact, I sent back a photo of my pen to my friend because I am still using the last one of those pens bought five years ago to solve my morning puzzles. My friend and I truly cherish our friendship and this pen suddenly reminded us both of our great, great times together, how we had instantly connected, how we both like to keep things simple and uncomplicated and how we both uphold sentiment above all else.