A Meal For Someone

These days I get to pass by a lot of homes on my walks and I can either see people cooking or smell the wafting aromas of food being cooked as I walk on.

The kitchen I believe is truly the heart of a home. I like to imagine that they’re cooking something for someone: a warming soup for the sick dad, maybe, or a one pot meal for the whole family, a lite breakfast for the son that’s working out. Who knows!

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. Whenever I feel that way, I’ll make a meal for my husband. Just a simple something, that’s light and healthy, a salad, a roll, experiment with an entirely new cuisine, but something that always looks colorful. And when I serve it to him, I remember that, sure, those fancy date night served-on-a-platter dinners are nice, but the gift is really in the making.

Making a meal for somebody – is there anything simpler and more likely to get one inspired?