A Ghost Dropped By

There was a time long long ago when I was scared of ghosts and other paranormal beings. I was also a big fan of Mulder, I still am.

But, now I realize there’s nothing we need to be scared of more than each other.

We live in a complex world where no one means what they say. A world enveloped in anger, greed, jealousy and hate. A world where we justify these emotions by telling ourselves – ‘but I’m only human’.
Well, I can’t change the world, hell I can’t even stop myself from having these feelings. But I try, I smile and make at least one person smile everyday – that’s how I’m trying to change the world, one toothy grin at a time. I also think expressing our love is one way to bring the world closer. So, if you are reading this – I love you!

Is there something you do to be a better person? Share with me.