A Collision Of Art And Commerce

First it was UB City’s Art Bengaluru/Sublime Galleria, then it was VR Bengaluru’s Whitefield Art Collective and RMZ Ecoworld’s The Gallery and now it’s Phoenix Market City’s Art Sci. Art seems to be finding it’s way into malls and tech parks in Bangalore.

As I walked in to attend the inauguration on an unseasonably sunny afternoon on 24th January, 2018 I saw a swarm of students gathered at the entrance of Phoenix Market City, Bangalore’s busiest mall. The students were all marvelling at the imposing installation forged completely out of e-waste to commemorate the first edition of Phoenix’s annual public art festival aptly titled Art Sci.

Many posed for selfies in front of their favorite art installations, while others asked passers-by to snap photos of them and their families. In today’s hyper-connected, hyper-mobile age, art makes for great Instagrammable moments indeed.

Artsci features 15 Installations and over 200 artworks

In their press release, Phoenix Market City describe ArtSci as ‘a celebration of Indian Art, Science, Poetry, Philosophy and Spirit that showcases the works of some of the most acclaimed artists in the country today.’

I’m humbled to be chosen as one of 21 artists to exhibit alongside the Late KG Subramanyam, G Reghu, Rupchand Kundu, Bharat Thakur, Bhavani GS and others. The show inaugurated by Ramalinga Reddy, Home Minister of Karnataka is meticulously curated by e-studio’s Sonu Mulchandini and includes 15 installations and over 200 paintings and sculptures.

Ritu Mehta, GM Marketing – Phoenix Market City Bengaluru said, “After the splendid success of the Phoenix Festival, we wanted to start the new year off in similar fashion. Hence we have come up with ArtSci where we will display some of the works of the most talented artists in the country.”

ArtSci 2018 Inauguration Glimpses

The shopping experience in Phoenix Market City is no longer about buying things — I can just do that online — it’s about spending time, it’s about rolling play, dining, wellness, education, and entertainment into the same environment. It is a typical “experience center” with the best restaurants, pubs, spas, salons, bowling alleys, amphitheaters, cinemas, concerts, farmer’s markets and of course art galleries.

With the inauguration of ArtSci, Phoenix Market City basically serves all of the social, commercial, and recreational needs of Bangaloreans, essentially being a one-stop shop where three generations can go and spend an entire day together.

ArtSci is on till 5th March 2018. Don’t miss!