6 Reasons I Love the iPad Pro as an Artist

I’ve used a lot of iPads and iPhones in the last ten years but never used one to draw or sketch, until now that isI got an iPad Pro 12.9 inch along with the Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard as a gift for my birthday this year. Its been a busy month so it took me more than 20 days to unbox the iPad Pro and start using it. And boy do I love it! The first thing I did was download two drawing/painting apps – Paper and Adobe Sketch. Paper app really pales in comparison to Sketch and they are both free apps. I might even delete the Paper app. Next, I’m going to purchase the Procreate app – but that’s another post. 

iPad Pro Sketch Recipe

This is just my day 1 with it and I’m already in love with my iPad Pro. As an artist, here are 6 reasons that made me instantly fall in love with the iPad Pro: 

  1. I admit I have this fear of ‘ruining sketchbooks’ and ‘wasting colours’. No more! Now I get to experiment and ruin pages and pages without ever having to worry about purchasing more paints. I already love the large 12.9 and wouldn’t ever settle for a smaller iPad Pro.
  2. I can have a number of versions and iterations of a single sketch without having to recreate each sketch from scratch.
  3. So many brushes and colours to choose from. This is my version of candy shop heaven. 
  4. Apple Pencil works seamlessly in terms of pen pressure, even better than drawing on paper with my acrylic marker pens. 
  5. I can create a time lapse video of how the image was drawn. How cool is that?
  6. I can instantly share and save my sketch in multiple ways. 

Putting pen to paper is akin to reading hard copies of books. I moved on to e-books a long, long time ago. The pleasure of mixing colours, hearing the pencil scrape against the paper, smelling the scented eraser, getting paint all over your hands and face are things I just don’t want to give up. However, the iPad Pro is great and let’s you do everything you want to do minus the mess. I just hope it doesn’t wean me out of my artist apron.