6 Fierce Women You Absolutely Need to Know Right Now!

Sangita Iyer, Film/Journalism: Sangita is the kind of idealistic journalist who only exists in our imaginations these days. I’m so inspired by her relentless passion and honest voice in saving temple elephants through her brilliant 2016 documentary ‘Gods In Shackles’.


Rytasha Rathore, Acting: She’s punching all those stale ‘man’-made stereotypes in the balls. She’s a body-positive baller who’s also bad-ass, beautiful, brash and super-bitchy. I love her so much, I even watch her new Haryanvi TV show ‘Badho Bahu’.


Mallika Dua, Comedy: I can’t get enough of her Snapchat-filtered Komal-Kanchan and Make up Didi videos. She’s spot on with her Hinglish. My favorite line is her ‘lingri Nahin longri hota hain’ from the Sarojini Market video. Hilarious!

Santoshi Shetty, Fashion/Fitness: I generally tend to steer clear of anyone/anything trying to lure me into a mall or online shopping. And, most wannabe fashion bloggers are just whoring hyperlinked wares in the hope of freebies. Santoshi on the other hand is on top of her game style-wise and attitude-wise. I love her body language too – she just oozes positivity in whatever she wears or doesn’t sometimes.

I have been doing #Zumba with @madma_i for a while now, and she's the one who inspired me to become a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor. We have been wanting to do something together since forever…and FINALLY something happened! Haha! This is Padma's choreography & I'm trying my best to match her level here, well you can see that!😂🗯🌪 This was just a trial, we are definitely planning to do more videos & share what we think about fitness & life! Oh yes, she's definitely my fitness buddy/partner, but more than that I'd say, I'm another version of her or vice versa! ☺️💗 Watch the complete video on her page! – @madma_i 💋 & enjoy today💗💗 #wedancetostayfit #TheStyledge #zin #zumbafitness #love #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitgirls #cheapthrills #dance #love #goodvibesonly #Repost @madma_i with @repostapp ・・・ SO….. here's a clip from the video Me and @santushi_thestyledge recorded the other day after a zumba class. Our not-so-zumba choreography of the song Cheap thrills by Sia.🙈 We are sweaty, tired, dint worry much about the choreography. just two girls having fun and dancing. We will soon be recording another zumba/exercise video(s) together 😁😁😁 So excited. Have fun and let us know what you think. 🐬🐋🐬🐋🐬🐋

A video posted by Santoshi Shetty || TheStyledge (@santoshishetty) on

Teyana Taylor, Music/Dance: Haven’t you seen Kanye’s ‘Fade’ video yet? It’s not difficult to see why she’s Kanye’s muse is it? Move along KimK – make way for the real woman from Harlem, singing talent coupled with mean dancing chops ya’ll. Guess watching ‘how to highlight your face videos’ day after day is rather uninspiring, even for Kanye.


Mia Khalifa, Porno: The thing that puzzles people in India is how and why Sunny Leone is so unapologetic about her porn past. Wake up people – time to take off your grandfather’s thick bifocals and view the world with a freshly repaired pair of LASIK eyes. Mia is in porn and Muslim – two words you never thought could be used in the same sentence. Right? I particularly loved seeing her twerking to the Timeflies’ song they dedicated to her called ‘Mia Khalifa’.

What are your views on media/cultural stereotyping of women? On thinness, idea of beauty, right and wrong ways for women to speak, behave, dress, love, live and more. We’ve all tried to conform but have you ever challenged it and felt good about it? Lets hear it!

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  1. Hyvä että toinen meistä jaksaa ja edistyy! Mäkin olen päässyt kotona zumbailemaan kun sain videon viikonloppuna. Nopeita vaan ovat: voi kun koneessa olisi hidastustoiminto… jään odottamaan sitä “hidasta sumbapostaustasi”! Kivaa se vaan on ja ne vaatteet! Ne kyllä kannustaisi liikkeelle, tosi hienoja toppeja ja housuja. Suurinta pudottajaa täytyy yrittää seurata, onneksi se tulee eri päivänä nyt kun Mentalist.

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  94. Read 4 Hour Work Week and was kind of into it. I came out of the book thinking Ferris was kind of a good guy. Then I started reading his blog posts and watching some videos and found that everything he put out was a bit pretentious. I don’t like his “know it all” attitude. I agree! Humans fail naturally and he seems to provide this facade to make people think he’s the perfect person.Tell me how you have failed and I will respect you more. Don’t stand on the soap box forever telling me how great you are. I’ll tune out.

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  113. I thought it was clear that string theory as THE theory of everything, the one and only game in town, the language in which God wrote the universe, etc., has so far gone nowhere; and is the one that is being derided; there are other much less grand, but more scientific, uses of string methods; by all means pursue them. And maybe one day, string theorists may even have the last laugh.

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