Come Be A Part Of The Easter Eggstravaganza With Me At VR Bengaluru

forx I love new year, any new year, Chinese New Year, Parsi New year or Ugadi (meaning dawn of a new age) the Kannada new year. I love the fact that I can leave a whole year behind me, irrespective of whether it was good, bad or average. I like that kind of closure. I love […]

Happy Ugadi Habba Wishing everyone a very happy Ugadi!

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4 Big Reasons To Attend Student Art Shows

source site When I went to art school, I was just having fun. I realised that was the last chance I had, and then I would have to get a job. – John Baldessari I don’t want to sound as bleak as Baldessari so I’m going to focus on the fun parts. 1. One of my biggest […] اسعار الاسهم السعودية مباشر

S/HE : Respect Has No Gender

كيف أتداول الأسهم Respect has no gender. Strength has no gender. Talent has no gender. A hand print has no gender. This hand print drawing titled ‘S/HE’ serves as a small yet powerful reminder that each of us needs to push for change, strive forward and press for progress. Through this drawing, I want to convey a message of […]

16 Best Movies To Watch Right Here & Now

The Oscar Awards 2018 awards just concluded early this morning (India time) but I haven’t seen the results yet cos I want to watch it later today. No spoilers please. It’s the one event I look forward to every year – and I make sure I’ve watched most if not all the movies that are […]