How To Make Mandalas From Flowers : A Lesson In Letting Go

الخيارات الثنائية وسيط الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية I love mandalas. I’ve always loved drawing mandalas, and I’m constantly creating and adding to my series of mandala paintings titled ‘Microcosm‘. For me, It’s a lovely meditation and a great way to improve my focus. “Mandala” means “circle.” And a circle is both a simple and deeply complex concept. It represents the universe metaphysically, […]

A Truly Secular Festival – Onam Onam is probably the only Indian festival that is truly secular and has a beautiful socio-cultural relevance. And in that sense it’s very contemporary. Onam is a harvest festival all Malayalees all over the world celebrate to mark the return of their legendary king Mahabali. This year, I went along with my family for the […]

Why Art Reviews Matter

استراتيجية الزخم الخيارات الثنائية Culture is more than a Rabindranath Tagore painting hanging at the NGMA or a black-and-white video flashing in an uptown art festival. Culture is also the time we spend looking at art and talking about it. Without culture, Bangaloreans would probably talk about nothing but traffic and real estate. Art making is a solitary exercise. […]

للبيع اسهم في بورصة الكويت

How To Be A Successful Artist

source How do you define a successful life in the arts? Is it selling a painting for six figures? Do the heavens part when you make the cover of Artforum? Does achievement come with an invitation to show at a biennale? Or is success defined by the quality, dedication and passion of the artist’s journey? Believe […]

الخيار الجديد لالروبوت ثنائي

9 Ways To Make Sure Your Art Is Noticed By Galleries

الخيارات الثنائية الرهان When I recently spoke to Sathya Harshan who works at Gallerie Sara Arakkal, one of the most sought after galleries in Bangalore, he admitted that he is continually deluged with requests from artists to get involved with their art in one way or another either by showing it, selling it, representing it, critiquing it or […]