8 Secret Ways To Get Inspired

I’m a human being living in the real world, experiencing real emotions, having to work real hard, deal with unwanted stress and avoid distractions. However, I’m very grateful for having the ability to draw/write and turn my ideas and imagination into something tangible. I love being able to put out into the world what I […]

Owl jewelry, owl rings,

I Give A HOOT – I Collect Owls

I have been a collector from as long as I can remember. As a child, I collected books, pebbles, magnets, seashells, erasers, postage stamps etc while always focusing on only one collection at a time. I think it kept my little head busy while my parents were away at work. Collecting for me has not […]

Narendra Modi scraps 500 and 1000 rupee notes

I Dream Of A Corruption Free India

I dream of a better India all the time. An India that is clean, green, honest and corruption free. I yearn to see politicians and bureaucrats who work hard for people’s welfare. Corruption is a cancer that has spread its tentacles to all walks of our lives, preventing this great country from becoming a poverty-free, […]

Best Movies of 2016, top ten movies of 2016

Must Watch 2016 Movies

I love movies. Always have. I’m not going to dissect each of these amazing films and tell you why I liked each one of them. I’ll let you decide that for yourself. I have to say though that ‘Dheepan’ is on top of my list – so do watch it! I’m hoping the list is […]